Them, Roaringtwenties - "Future Sandwich"

Image of Them, Roaringtwenties - "Future Sandwich"

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Them, Roaring Twentie's "Future Sandwich" is an initial limited run board game/cd. The disc comes in an authentic game set-up box with gameboard, playing pieces and a pair of dice. The game is set up for you to walk the same streets of Chicago that Them, Roaring Twenties stroll; all while learning interesting and personal tidbits about the band and their take on the Chicago musical experience.

Originally released on Sickroom Records (, we have a few extra that we're selling for a low price.

Track Listing:
- It's Time for a Dip in the Secretarial Pool
- Harry Caray Frontier Guide Hawkeye
- We Prefer a Little Hair Down There
- Go To:
- Labia Arabia
- Fast Acting Nite-Nite Spray With Realistic Uncle Beard
- One Always Look Neat in a Hat Made of Meat
- 10 Million Scientologists Can't Be Wrong

*Recorded/Mixed/Mastered at Downbeat Studio Chicago, IL